GreatLIFE Brands

Four Brands. One Mission

At GreatLIFE Golf, we believe in enriching the lives of individuals and families through the game of golf, positive social connection and a dedication to healthy lifestyles while understanding the tremendous economic impact a golf club can have on its local community.  Each GreatLIFE Golf Management facility focuses on varying levels of the golf experience to meet the needs of today’s golfers and are branded in one of the four following categories. 


Signature Clubs

Our Signature Brand embodies history, tradition, great amenities and dedication to a luxury experience. These clubs are typically private properties featuring initiation fees and supported by higher dues structures.


Premier Clubs

Our Premier brand provides classic championship golf with a supporting food & beverage offering, providing the total daily experience. These clubs are typically semi-private, featuring membership offerings and daily fee golf.

Pure Golf

Classic Clubs

Our Classic brand focuses solely on the on-course experience. Food & Beverage offerings are simpler, automation is a part of the check-in experience and these clubs are generally daily fee focused. These clubs provide an efficient operating structure while providing a great golf experience.


Destination Clubs

Our Destination brand provides the opportunity to get away and explore great golf destinations. These clubs are located in golf vacation markets, have a lodging component and provide traditional resort amenities.

Golf for Everyone

Our Entire Portfolio

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