Expense Management

Expense Management

Costs matter in business. As golf course owners, we know the impact that every expense has on a club’s profitability.

GreatLIFE is committed to ensuring that all expenses align with your facility’s goals and strive to establish the lowest cost for every product and service needed to maintain and exceed the club’s current performance.

This leads to increased overall profitability and often results in elevated services at a lower cost.

We believe…
that if you watch the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves

Get all the benefits of scale


Access our network of cost saving programs that instantly save thousands in annual expenses. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure our entire portfolio leverages the collective buying power we’ve established.

Proven Processes

Rest assured in knowing you’ve gotten the best deal. Brown Golf has built in processes for everything from project bidding to invoice approvals. We have multiple eyes on every purchase, and we make sure it aligns with our goals.

Weekly Trend Reports

No more waiting on EOM reports to see how expenses are trending compared to facility expectations. Knowing exactly where you stand throughout the month provides owners with performance snapshots and allows operators to quickly reference their spending to stay in line with facility goals.

Centralized Knowledge Base

GreatLIFE takes a strict approach to ensuring we are receiving the best price for goods and services by continuously pushing vendors to compete for a larger book of business.

Comparing spending costs across our portfolio results in exposing any inefficiencies in the operation. This allows us to quickly drill down on areas for immediate improvement to the bottom line.


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