Golf Operations

Golf Operations

The golf operation is at the forefront of your business. Creating memorable first and last impressions for everyone that visits the club is a commitment that Brown Golf has subscribed to since our inception.

Our experienced team provides unparalleled support to your staff resulting in improved performance across all aspects of the golf operation.

Create big wins through customized programs tailored to maximizing your facility’s revenue potential and streamline overall operational procedures.

We believe…
that the golf operation is the driver of the business, initiating positive impressions and generating programs to grow your business.

Get all the benefits of scale

Centralized Resources

Your facility has direct 1-to-1 access to an assigned Regional Manager, highly specialized in providing support to your golf operation. Your Regional Manager can provide insight, help to avoid mistakes, and offer customized resources to help you win.

Revenue Programs

Maximize your revenue potential. Gain access to the GolfBack team’s knowledge and support to analyze current programs and develop custom strategies for continued growth.

Staffing & Human Resources

Execute on finding and retaining top talent for your payroll dollar. Understand local and macro market forces that impact your ability to manage payroll expenses, onboard new hires efficiently, and manage costs.

Localized Refinement & Consistency

Take your facility’s golf experience to a new level. Access our team’s programs and insights to analyze and develop custom tactics to improve every member and guest interaction across all touchpoints.

No more waiting on EOM reports to see how expenses are trending compared to facility expectations. Knowing exactly where you stand throughout the month provides owners with performance snapshots and allows operators to quickly reference their spending to stay in line with facility goals.

Nurture your developing players through a systematic journey from their first swing to their first tournament. We help to customize and implement a process to gain and retain new players for your facility.

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